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Congratulations on Your Decision to Adopt!

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Adopting a child is a task for Super Heros!  The forms, the legwork, the costs, the emotional turbulence… Adoption is a monumental undertaking, and I LOVE being able to help families who are making this heart-felt commitment.  The paperwork required by both local and foreign adoption agencies can be overwhelming, and Notary San Rafael can help reduce a little of your stress with mobile notary service.

I Make House Calls!

Let’s complete the notarization of your personal, financial, and adoption-related documents at a time and place that is convenient to YOU.

Completing Your Health Certificates for Adoption

With mobile service, the traveling and time normally required by adopting parents for domestic & international adoption paperwork can be simplified.  Besides helping YOU with the documents YOU have to sign, it is easy for me to meet directly with your physician to notarize your health care affidavits (assuming that you have completed all necessary exams and that your M.D. is ready to sign).  You do NOT need to be there.  I can meet your health care provider in his office or at the hospital, and I can even set the appointment myself,  print your paperwork, mail the documents back to you or leave them at Reception… as much or as little help as you want.

Make It Easier On Your Character References!

Character references are often required for adopting parents.  We can arrange a group event for everyone to sign their reference affidavits (either personal or professional) at the same time, or I can visit each person individually.   It’s up to you!  And don’t forget, as long as we have the paperwork, you do NOT have to be present.

Adoption Agencies and Adoption Lawyers

I am available to meet your Team members wherever they are, whenever they want.

I love that you are making room in your heart for a child who needs a loving home.
I will do what I can to help.


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